How It Works

If your flight got cancelled or delayed for more than three hours, if you were denied boarding so you missed your connecting flight, there’s a good chance that you are entitled to compensation.

Airline forgot to tell you? How convenient, don’t you think….? During years of helping our clients get what they are entitled to, we have learned to make airlines to pay attention and to pay what they are legally obliged to.

The European Flight Delay Compensation Regulation 261/2004 states that it is your right as a passenger to receive a financial compensation in amount of up to EUR600 for each passenger.

There are certain circumstances under which airline is not required to pay. These are so called “Extraordinary Circumstances”, such as political unrest, poor weather or strikes by air traffic control employees. These circumstances are very rare, but airlines would like you to believe they are common.

We have the skills, knowledge, experience and tools to verify if you are legally entitled to a compensation.

  • We’ll check your flight completely free of charge
  • Your case can be initiated as soon as tomorrow
  • Experienced solicitors on your side
  • Zero administrative fees
  • 97% of court cases won
  • You only pay 25% when we succeed
  • Prompt online support
It is quite simple. Just fill up a short questionnaire, upload a few document scans and off you go. At this stage, our experts assume whole responsibility over your case and start working on your dossier.